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Why dis natuurlik.?

A little about us, Louise Fearnhead is the founder of dis natuurlik.

dis natuurlik. is proudly South African & Women-led.

We are striving to be ethically & morally correct in every part of our business.

We handcraft each and every one of our skincare products in small batches, fresh for each and every order, we make use of labour and not machines, we make all of our products by hand, we feel, we smell, we touch and get up close and personal with every product that leaves the door.

This increases quality, reduces wastage and adds a bit of love which is the ever crucial ingredient in every recipe.

We are 100% Cruelty-Free, Vegan Friendly, Practice Fair Trade & sell products that are not damaging to the environment with packaging that is readily recycled, easily reused and some of which can be composted.

We treat others with respect & dignity and are proud to be part of this Rainbow Nation! 

The natural and organic skincare market remains the fastest-growing segment in the skincare industry.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of harmful chemicals in their products and are actively avoiding them in search of natural alternatives.

Not only that but with the ever-increasing awareness of consumers on how their actions and buying habits impact the environment.

We have positioned ourselves in the midst of this growing market to serve the needs of this specific customer base effectively.

With customers that are looking for skincare products that are effective & affordable while being natural and environmentally friendly. 

dis natuurlik. puts clients first and we work tirelessly to ensure that our clients have the best customer experience possible. 

dis natuurlik. offers your clients:

  • A uniquely South African product range made by South Africans for South Africans.
  • Scientifically formulated to benefit all skin types & also specific skin types & conditions.
  • Effective natural skincare that is kind to your health & the environment.
  • Premium quality skincare at affordable prices without skimping on quality.
  • Products that are sustainably & ethically sourced direct from the source, reducing costs while ensuring that quality is not lost along the way due to adulteration of the ingredients.

dis natuurlik. offers you:

  • We offer your clients a uniquely South African brand that caters to their exacting needs.
  • Competitive pricing on all of our products, which enables you to make a profit and grow your business.
  • Listing of your business on our stockists page, which boosts the ranking of your website.
  • By becoming part of our loyal stockists you will be part of our marketing campaigns and enjoy enhanced reach and exposure for your business from our loyal clientele. 
  • Great service & Customer support

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