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  • Natural Beeswax pellets
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dis natuurlik.

Natural Beeswax Pellets/Pearls

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Natural Beeswax Pellets/Pearls by dis natuurlik. are made from Pure South African Beeswax, these pellets are often also referred to as Pastilles, Beads, Drops or Chips.

Harvested Locally in South Africa by local small commercial bee farmers that only provide us with the best fine quality wax.

All of the farmers we use, practice sustainable beekeeping practices, helping to improve the local bee populations. 

This Natural Beeswax is ethically harvested from select hives that are strong enough to handle the loss or from hives that the bee colony has moved out of and they are able to use the combs in time or as a byproduct from the extraction of honey.

Contact us if we are out of stock or if you would like to buy in bulk.

We face a major problem in the world when it comes to bees, they are dying out at an alarming rate with people being the major cause. 

When buying bee-related products it is your responsibility as a consumer to buy products that are sustainably and ethically harvested, by beekeepers who do not just take, but rather work hard to improve bee colonies and the local bee populations.

Be part of the sustainable movement that works hard to ensure we all have a future, without bees we cannot survive. Watch this scary video to see what it's all about. 

Cosmetic Grade Beeswax Pellets/Pearls Benefits:

  • Convenient & Super easy to use.
  • Finest Quality Wax with little to no impurities.
  • Natural beeswax pellets retain their natural colouring and have the highest level of health benefits, this product is unrefined.
  • Ethically Harvested and sustainably sourced from local beekeepers.
  • A Proudly South African product.
  • Part of the dis natuurlik. Natural Ingredients Collection

Yellow Beeswax Pellets


Local South African Cosmetic Grade Beeswax Pellets/Pearls


Beeswax can be used in various different applications ranging from candle making to using it in a wide variety of cosmetic products.

Storage Instructions:

Store in a cool dry place away from direct heat and sunlight as melting may occur.

White, Natural & Yellow Beeswax Pellets

Cosmetic Grade Beeswax Pellets/Pearls Product Specifications & Options:

Available in 500g packs, 5kg Bulk, 10kg Bulk

    Enquire now for Special pricing on wholesale beeswax pellets/pearls.

    Retail, Wholesale & Bulk Beeswax Pellets/Pearls Packaging Options:

      • 500g Packaged in a resealable foil-lined cardboard soft pack, suitable for resellers and retail clients.
      • 5kg Packaged in a reusable plastic bucket container.
      • 10kg Packaged in a reusable plastic bucket container.