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Moroccan Argan Oil

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Moroccan Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa) comes from the Argania Tree which is native to Morocco. The tree is called the “Tree of Life” by the locals who have used the oils produced by the fruits to heal skin ailments and improve their beauty. Argan Oil’s claim to fame is its: Moisturising and Beautifying properties.

Moroccan Argan Oil enhances the texture and appearance of the skin and hair. It also softens & conditions without being greasy or leaving a sticky residue. It also calms irritated & inflamed skin, reducing the look of scars and keeps your skin's natural oil production in check.

11 Health Benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil:

  • High in Oleic Acid which is known to help with softness, flexibility and is great for skin and hair.
  • Help reduce signs of aging by plumping the skin & soothing your skin.
  • Facilitates wound & scar healing, reduces fine lines, and stretch marks.
  • Excellent anti Inflammatory properties
  • Excellent moisturizer promoting strong hair growth and helps improve length, thickness, and texture, rejuvenating tired dull-looking hair.
  • Softens hair without leaving a greasy residue
  • High in Linoleic acid, Palmitic acid, Stearic acid, and linolenic acid
  • Natural Source of Omega-3 Essential Fatty acid
  • Anti-Fungal, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Inflammatory, Analgesic
  • It helps to soften hair, increase sheen, smooth frizz, and increase the overall health by nourishing deeply. Promoting stronger hair follicles and richness of color.
  • It helps to reduce dryness particularly on your scalp and reduces dandruff. 
  • Part of the dis natuurlik. Carrier Oil Collection


Moroccan Argan Oil  (Carrier Oil)

Botanical Name:

Argania Spinosa

Country of origin:


Collection Method:

Cold Pressed from the seeds

Fragrance Profile:

Light & citrusy that's almost sour almost like olive oil but smells nutty at the same time.


Rich Golden Yellow


Light to Medium viscosity dependent on the ambient temperature.


Average absorption rate, it leaves a slightly oily satiny finish on your skin.


  • For external use only
  • Do a small patch test before fully using this product
  • Do not use near broken skin or internally
  • Skin sensitivity in some cases does a small skin test before fully using this product.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor's care? Consult your Healthcare Physician for the correct application of this product.
  • Avoid contact with your eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.
  • Oil Safety Disclaimer

Moroccan Argan Oil Uses:

Moroccan Argan oil can be applied to the: Face, Neck, and over your whole body, particularly to areas affected by pain and stiffness. It can also be applied to your hair to treat damaged hair and skin.

For your hair use it as a leave-in conditioner.

Moroccan Argan Oil Specifications:

Available in the following sizes:

100ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L, 20L, 25L

Packaging types:

Glass dropper bottle for (100ml)

Glass Bottle for (500ml)

Plastic HDPE jerry can for (1L, 5L, 20L, 25L)

Shelf Life:

Up to 2 years shelf life, if proper storage instructions are followed.

Please refer to the packaging labels for expiry dates.

Storage Instructions:

Cold-pressed carrier oils like this Moroccan Argan Oil should be kept in a cool (below 18°C) dark place (no sunlight) to maintain freshness & to obtain maximum shelf life.

Cold-pressed carrier oils can also be refrigerated but should be used at room temperature.