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Tattoo Aftercare Healing Balm

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Re-think the way you see tattoo aftercare products with this all-natural tattoo aftercare healing balm. Specially developed to help tattoo’s heal faster. With an SPF to help protect your art from the sun.

This is our go-to when we get our tattoo’s done or retouched. It helps to moisturize the tattoo as it is scabbing over, helping it to heal properly, reducing the chance of skin infection, and making sure that work of art that you endured to get permanently stamped onto your skin is going to look great when it is finally finished scabbing.

This Tattoo Aftercare Healing Balm is also great for maintaining the colour and not letting the tattoo dry out, keeping your tattoos moisturized ensures better colour retention and also moisturizes the skin which is great for promoting skin health naturally. This balm reduces the itchiness and helps the tattoo to heal faster.

We have selected ingredients that promote healing and protection, this tattoo balm has a natural SPF of 15 to help protect you from the sun’s damaging rays.

Tattoo Aftercare Healing Balm Benefits:

Orange Essential Oil is highly beneficial for skin health as it improves skin clarity, radiance and skin smoothness, it is well known that sweet orange is used in skincare products to support clear skin that is free from acne which in this case is great, you don’t want that unsightly zit to pop away at your beautiful ink.

It is also a fantastic anti-bacterial that will help you fight any possible skin infections. It also helps stimulate blood flow and uplifts your mood with its sweet-smelling aroma. 

Lemon Essential Oil is also very beneficial for your skin as it is an astringent and detoxifies the skin. It is chock full of antiseptic properties which are great for killing harmful bacteria that can grow on your skin. It is also great for helping to relieve pain and it stimulates the immune system.

This essential oil was and is the perfect addition to this tattoo balm as it is great at sanitizing wounds which a tattoo actually is, till it fully heals, you are susceptible to infections some of which can be life-threatening.

Part of the dis natuurlik. Body Care Collection


Apply the Tattoo Aftercare Healing Balm topically to your tattoo. Keep it moisturized and healthy, use daily for best results.

Storage instructions:

Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.


Aluminium tin. Please reuse or recycle


Cosmetic Grade Natural Beeswax, Ugandan Shea butter, Calendula oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil.